One of the dilemmas confronting organizational trainers and HRD Practitioners is providing rationale for recommended training interventions to top management and securing the needed budget for such programs. This could be minimized or eliminated if such training proposals are based on actual improvement needs of the organization. This is the main objective of conducting the TRAINING NEEDS ANALYSIS for organizations which is often times not done by program sponsors.

If properly done, TNA will also make it easier for the professional trainers to determine the returns on the training investment which management is constantly seeking for. Thus Training Department will no longer be labeled as an expensive account but as a profit center which contributes to the company’s profitability.


Upon completion of the program, the participants should be able to:

  • Analyze job performance problems to be responded by training.
  • Determine the causes and solutions for on-the-job problems.
  • Make decisions on when and when not to conduct training needs analysis.
  • Design questionnaires and interview guides for TNA.
  • Formulate and plan a training needs analysis system for their organizations.
  • Evaluate outcomes according to training Needs Analysis.

Topics to be covered:

  • The Training Cycle
  • Why Does an Organization Need a Training Needs Analysis
  • Training & Development Responsibilities & Roles
  • Do We Need to Conduct a TNA
  • Assessing Needs at Operational Level – Job Training Analysis
  • Assessing Needs at Individual Level – Personnel
  • Specification & Records Performance
  • Assessing Needs at Individual Level – Trainability Tests,
  • Assessment Centres & Self-Assessment
  • Assessing Needs at Individual Level – Appraisal
  • Performance
  • Evaluation – Co-relating to Training Needs Analysis
  • Preparing the Annual Training Plan

The program will utilize a combination of lecture, discussions, role- playing, practice session, group discussion and critiquing and various exercises and templates will be used

The cost includes; course materials, a 23-page Trait Personality Inventory Profile from Aston Business School (UK), Certificate of CPE and lunch & tea.