Although the training needs assessment is essential for effective effort, this important component of training and development is often ignored. An effective analysis of training needs assess the needs of individuals and matches these needs to organizational objectives. This allows the organization’s management to agree and implement coordinated, cost-effective and cohesive training programs.


  1. Introduction
  • Why analyze TNA?
  • TNA in the organizational context
  • The training cycle and TNA
  • HRD and planning essentials
  1. Analyzing Training Needs
  • TNA building blocks
  • Purpose of training needs analysis
  • Performance needs and training needs
  • When to do a TNA?
  • People involved in TNA
  1. The TNA Instruments
  • Developing the organization
    • Focus on perceptions
    • Organization profile
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Measure of success
    • Defining excellence
  • Organizational climate
    • Communications
    • Organizational driving factors
    • Work fulfilment
    • Evidence of equality
  • Managing resources
    • Personnel assessment
    • Managing time
    • Managing expenditure
    • Management match
    • Managing people
  • Job skills
    • Analyzing jobs
    • Task competencies
    • Sills audit
    • Training needs survey
    • Working with others
  1. The TNA Process
  • Starting your analysis
  • Using the right TNA instruments
  • Types of data collection technique
  • Identifying training needs
  • TNA methods
  • Output from TNA
  • Analyzing the data
  • The job skills breakdown
  • Converting training needs into specification for training
  • Reporting the results
  1. TNA Data Collection Process
  • Structured interviews
  • Focus Group
  • Surveys
  • Skills analysis
    • Organizational
    • Functional / technical
    • Personal behavioral skills
  1. Documenting TNA Findings
  • TNA analysis report
  • Job skills audit report
  • Training needs summary report
  • Formal TNA report
  • Strategic training plan
  • Competency – skills training matrix
  • Suggested annual training calendar

Target Participants
Heads of Department, Executives, Supervisors, employees in the HR/Training Department

Lectures, case studies, syndicate work.

Administrative Details
Duration         : 2 days
Time               : 9.00am – 5.00pm
Venue             : To be announced
Fee                 : RM1,985.00
Facilitator        : Dr Balan Dass 016 – 227 0057
Registration    : Contact Program Manager, Tong How Lit.
Tel                  : 03 – 7955 2382

About the Facilitator:

Dr Balan Dass holds a Ph.D in Adult and Continuing Professional Education from University Putra Malaysia, a Master in Education, majoring in Training & Development from University of Sheffield, UK. He specialises in the areas like behavioural sciences, human resources, training and development and continuing education. He also teaches at tertiary level conducting classes at DBA and Masters’ levels.

He is a member and the Vice-President of the Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management, a Certified HR Practitioner (CHRP), an approved trainer of Pembangunan Sumber Manausia Berhad and the Consultant for the National Human Resource Centre, Malaysia.