Discipline and grievances are common problems in any organization. It is extremely important that all levels of management staff acquire skills essential in handling them effectively. When employees violate rules and regulations, action has to be taken. When there has been insufficient improvement in work performance, the issue must be addressed. All these have to be dealt with promptly to ensure the business can run as smooth as possible.


  1. Discipline
  • Areas of discipline – identifying disciplinary problems
  • The disciplinary process
  • “The hot-stove’ principle
  • Taking disciplinary action
  • Skill steps in disciplinary action
  • Strengths and weaknesses of organizational policies.
  1. Grievance
  • What is a grievance
  • Common employee grievances – reasons for identifying and processing
  • Approaches to grievance handling – the various steps.
  • Skills in grievance handling
  • Role of employees, supervisors and management in grievance handling
  1. Employee Grievances
  • Conflicts of interests between employers and employees
  • Nature of grievances
  • Causes of grievances
  • Settlement of grievances
    • The Grievance Procedure
    • Joint Consultation
    • Code of Conduct for Industrial Harmony
  • The Fruits of Industrial Harmony
  1. Employee Indiscipline
  • Poor Performance
  • Absenteeism/Tardiness
  • Insubordination
  • Misconduct
    • Act or omission inconsistent with conditions of employment
    • Theft
    • Fighting
    • Cheating/Fraud/Dishonesty
    • Vandalism, etc.
  1. Type of misconduct
  • Effects of single act of misconduct.
  • Effects of past misconducts.
  • Criminal misconduct.
  • Implementation of EA 1955.
  • Employee and workman.
  • Contract of service / contract for service.
  • Employers’ / Employees’ rights and obligations.

mini lectures, group discussions and syndicate work

Administrative details:
Duration       : 2 days
Time             : 9.00am – 5.00pm
Venue           : To be announced
Fee               : RM2,485.00
Facilitator      : Dr Balan Dass 016 – 227 0057
Registration  : Contact Program Manager, Tong How Lit.
Tel                : 03 – 7955 2382

About the Facilitator:
Dr Balan Dass, holds a Ph.D in Adult and Continuing Professional Education from University Putra Malaysia, a Master in Education, majoring in Training & Development from University of Sheffield, UK.

He specialises in the areas like behavioural sciences, human resources, training and development and continuing education. He also teaches at tertiary level conducting classes at DBA and Masters’ levels.

He is a member and the Vice-President of the Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management, a Certified HR Practitioner (CHRP), an approved trainer of Pembangunan Sumber Manausia Berhad and the Consultant for the National Human Resource Centre, Malaysia.