At Level 2, you will learn how to work in your department. Everyone has innate abilities, which are often under developed. We are usually not aware of our hidden abilities and potential. This program will bring out the hidden abilities to help participants realize their full potential. Regardless of the individual’s level of performance at present, the enhancement aims to raise the performance to the next level of efficiency.

Unit 1: Your role in the organization

  • Why you have chosen the current job
  • Why have you been chosen by the organization
  • Your role in the organization and Role theory
  • Aligning your role with others

Unit 2: Understanding your organization’s need

  • Understanding of your organization’s mission
  • Efficient v Effective
  • Understanding goals set by your department
  • Developing an achievable KPI and KRA

Unit 3: Declined Productivity and You

  • Why jobs do not get done
  • Why people get de-motivated
  • Setting goals and Performance Standards
  • How do I check myself for Productivity

Unit 4: Changing Mindset

  • How belief and habits control behavior
  • How beliefs condition or program us
  • Identifying change issues at the workplace
  • Managing change issues at the workplace

Unit 5: Stress and its Implications

  • Impact of stress on your ability
  • Stress and job performance
  • Stress-The Energy Source for Performance
  • Type A and Type B.
  • Emotional and Physical Fitness at workplace

Unit 6: Getting the most out of people

  • What makes people perform
  • Why different people react differently
  • Expectations and desires
  • Types of Personalities
  • Theory X-Y

Unit 7: Importance of Effective communication

  • Understanding others and overcoming barriers
  • Developing Interpersonal Skills
  • Johari Window and developing trust
  • Coaching and Counseling

Unit 8: Managing Self

  • Dealing with the paper crisis
  • Make effective use of workplace
  • Identify and handle personality conflict in your workplace
  • Dealing with work pressure and deadlines
  • Handling the unexpected

Unit 9: Managing Your Team

  • What are teams
  • Team Effectiveness Model
  • Why teams fail
  • E.A.M. Model
  • Characteristics of a Team Player
  • Together as one

mini lectures, group discussions and syndicate work

Target Participants:
Working adults

Administrative details:

Duration           : 2 days
Time                 : 9.00am – 5.00pm
Venue               : To be announced
Fee                   : RM1,950.00
Facilitator          : Dr. Balan Dass, PhD  016 – 227 0057
Registration       : Contact Program Manager, Tong How Lit.
Tel                     : 03 – 7955 2382

About the Facilitator:
Dr Balan Dass, holds a Ph.D in Adult and Continuing Professional Education from University Putra Malaysia, a Master in Education, majoring in Training & Development from University of Sheffield, UK.
He specialises in the areas like behavioural sciences, human resources, training and development and continuing education. He also teaches at tertiary level conducting classes at DBA and Masters’ levels.

He is a member and the Vice-President of the Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management, a Certified HR Practitioner (CHRP), an approved trainer of Pembangunan Sumber Manausia Berhad and the Consultant for the National Human Resource Centre, Malaysia.