At Level 3, you will combine the knowledge from Level 1 and 2 to learn to make a contribution to the organization. The process of transforming leadership enables an organization to shift from the concepts of control, patriarchy, and predictability to shared ownership, responsibility and discovery. This process can only be initiated when the vision and values of the executives become aligned with the corporate vision and values. Then, people’s energy becomes focused resulting in a highly effective organization.


Unit 1: Developing Self-Awareness

  • The Enigma of Self-Awareness
  • Understanding and Appreciating Individual Differences
  • Diagnosing Managerial Characteristics
  • Improving Self-Awareness through Self-Disclosure
  • E-Profiling.

Unit 2: Managing Personal Stress

Improving the Management of Stress and Time

  • Major Elements of Stress
  • Managing Stress
  • Eliminating Stressors
  • Developing Resilience
  • Temporary Stress Reduction Techniques
  • Sources of Personal Stress
  • Type A / Type B

Unit 3: Solving Problem Analytically and Creatively

  • Problem Solving, Creativity and Innovation
  • Conceptual Blocks / Block Busting
  • International Caveat
  • Hints for Applying Problem Solving Techniques
  • Fostering Innovation

Unit 4: Supportive Communication Skills

  • The Importance of Effective Communication
  • What is Supportive Communication?
  • Principles of Supportive Communication
  • Essential Elements for Effective Presentations
  • The 5P’s of Effective Meetings

Unit 5: Leadership, Power and Influence

  • The Wisdom of Leadership
  • Gaining Power and Influence
  • Using Influencing Strategies
  • A Balance View of Power
  • Strategies for Gaining Organizational Power
  • Transforming Power into Influence

Unit 6: Managing Conflict

  • Managing Inter-Personal Conflict
  • Selecting Appropriate Approach to Conflict Management
  • Strategies for Handling Conflict
  • Resolving Inter-Personal Confrontation
  • Managing Dilemma Involving Empowerment

Unit 7: Building Effective Teams

  • Team Development Behaviors
  • Developing Teams and Team Work
  • Increasing Motivation and Performance
  • Diagnosing Work Performance Problems
  • Leading Teams in your organization

mini lectures, group discussions and syndicate work

Target Participants:
Working adults

Administrative details:

Duration          : 2 days
Time                : 9.00am – 5.00pm
Venue              : To be announced
Fee                  : RM1,950.00
Facilitator         : Dr. Balan Dass, PhD   016 – 227 0057
Registration      : Contact Program Manager, Tong How Lit.
Tel                    : 03 – 7955 2382

About the Facilitator:
Dr Balan Dass, holds a Ph.D in Adult and Continuing Professional Education from University Putra Malaysia, a Master in Education, majoring in Training & Development from University of Sheffield, UK.
He specialises in the areas like behavioural sciences, human resources, training and development and continuing education. He also teaches at tertiary level conducting classes at DBA and Masters’ levels.

He is a member and the Vice-President of the Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management, a Certified HR Practitioner (CHRP), an approved trainer of Pembangunan Sumber Manausia Berhad and the Consultant for the National Human Resource Centre, Malaysia.