Founded in 2011, the Chelsea International Management Academy is a performance-based adult education and human resource training and consulting company focused on providing employees the opportunity to update their knowledge, sharpen their skills and improve their productivity and performance, which in turn will be immensely beneficial to an establishment. Surveys have shown that employees who are satisfied are likely to stay longer and be more productive and that will go a long way for a company seeking to build positive, steady, and profitable results.

Chelsea International Management Academy takes immense pride in employees because it is they who are a company’s greatest asset. We subscribe to the belief that efficiency, effectiveness and success of the organisation depends largely on the skills, abilities, and the commitment of the employees. Therefore, a lot of emphasis is laid on the education, training and development of employees.In line with our objective of being a teaching and training and learning organization, we have continuously focused on adult education, training and development of human resources in various organisations, establishments, and companies across the country and internationally.

In order for a company to continue its growth and expansion ambitions, it is vital for all employees to be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to support the organization’s aim. At CIMA, we provide various knowledge and skill based programs to support the continuous learning requirement of an organization. CIMA will equip your employees with the knowledge, tools and skills they require at the workplace. Our approach to adult education, training and development is designed to ensure that our trainees become capable of adopting up-to-date skills to work in today’s modern, diversified economies across the widest range of industries and sectors. We are committed to continuous improvement in our training standards and practices through cooperation with distinguished local, regional and international universities in addition to achieving more foreign accreditation by internationally qualified bodies. We design and deliver the best quality training to meet the changing and growing needs of the employers and organizations.

Inspired by sports and more specifically the Chelsea Football Club coach, Dr. Balan Dass set up Chelsea International Management Academy. In a way of explanation, Dr. Balan said competition has always been an integral part of human nature. From the early centuries when humans had to compete for resources like food and shelter, individuals that are best able to compete are the ones to survive. Individuals engaged in sports will have a winning mindset and will always strive to win as team and improve themselves. In addition to being conditioned to working well in teams and having to increase self-confidence. The lessons learned through sports are transferable to corporate life where being competitive is natural. Using sports and the competitive nature of humans, Chelsea International Management Academy assists employees and companies to achieve the optimum in the corporate world.

CIMA’s objective is to empower employees and create a culture of team development, equity, innovation and openness which would motivate employees and enable the achievement of objectives set by an organisation or company. With the current features or competitors, the new generation of work force have to adapt new changes in the ever changing business environment. As such for the aging generation, the hard knowledge gained over the years has to be exchanged for a formal post tertiary qualification whereby accredited prior learning is available and at CIMA we are qualified to assess the said.

Chelsea International Management Academy also holds the intellectual property for the International Institute for Capability and Capacity Development and International Institute for the Certification of human Resource and Management Malaysia. CIMA is also an approved HRDF/PSMB provider, Malaysia


CIMA believes that; ‘training cannot make a fish fly or a bird swim, but it can make the fish swim faster and the bird fly higher’.